The Deakin Medical Centre Practice Manager and receptionist team  wish you a warm welcome.

Deakin Medical Centre is the longest established general medical practice on the same site within Mildura city.  












































Deakin Medical Centre is a teaching practice and regularly hosts medical students and doctors who are completing specialist training to become GPs. 

Deakin Medical Centre uses MyHealthRecord to assist patients in sharing their health details with the health professionals involved in their care.


1. We work in partnership with clients to promote optimal health outcomes through specific health promotion programs and chronic disease management.


2. All people who work at Deakin Medical Centre are part of the team, and everybody's role is important. The contribution of all members of staff is valued and recognised as being vital to the health outcomes of our clients.


3. Deakin Medical Centre is part of the Mildura health community and works collaboratively with other local doctors, including specialists, other GPs and hospital doctors, local allied health professionals, and specialists in the wider Australian medical community.


4. We recognise that patients have a central role in their medical care and we empower patients to take an active role in treatment and recovery through the provision of health information that allows for informed choice.


5. Although we understand patients may sometimes be under stress, abuse either verbal or physical, towards our staff will not be tolerated.


6. We recognise the importance of staff training in order to provide patients with the high standards of care expected from a contemporary medical practice.


7. The facilities at Deakin Medical Centre will be kept to high standards of cleanliness and efficiency in accordance with an accredited medical practice.


8. In recognition that the future of Primary care relies on training the next generation of health professionals Deakin Medical Centre is actively involved with the teaching of medical, nursing and allied health students. Your right not to have students involved in your care are recognised and catered for.


9. We value diversity. All patients attending Deakin Medical Centre will be treated with equal respect and dignity regardless of age, race, creed, sexuality or medical condition.


10. We aim to ensure no patient is prevented from accessing appropriate medical care due to financial considerations.


11. We recognise the need for care for patients at all stages of life and provide continued care for our elderly patients if they are admitted to residential care such as nursing homes.

Paula Mensforth – Registered Nurse

Paula is accredited to perform cervical screening and immunisation. 

Meredith Giles – Registered Nurse Meredith is an accredited immuniser.

Zena Stewart – Registered Nurse

Zena conducts GP Management Plans in partnership with the patients GP.

Kerriann Goodwin – Enrolled Nurse

Kerriann conducts Health Assessments in partnership with the patients GP.

255 Deakin Avenue

Mildura 3500

(03) 5022 1488

(03) 5023 6838